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In light of recent events, student life across the world has changed dramatically. With most lectures going online and medical students being called in to help the NHS before graduation, there’s no denying there’s been a shift in the student world.

We asked our Brand Ambassador Natalie Mundy to explain to us how life as a student nurse has changed for her as she steps out of the classroom and onto the frontline.

How does it feel to be training as a nurse in this current climate?

“I feel prouder than ever to be part of the amazing NHS team that is fighting this and continuing to help people during this testing time. In my eyes it’s also a great opportunity to learn on the job about areas we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to."

How have your studies changed?

“My lectures and exams have gone online to help us continue to study as normally as we can. We are continuing to go out on our placements as 2nd year students, despite the virus, however 1st year student placements have been postponed to allow them to work as Health Care Advisors to help in this current climate.

Each student has their own mixed opinions on this, however this is why I wanted to do this job; to care for people no matter what and help the vulnerable. I am extremely proud of Worcester uni for supporting us in continuing with our degree and help others!”

We know that you are a mum of two as well as a nursing student, how has your home life and daily routine changed?

“Home life is more difficult than ever to juggle. My only saving grace of being a key worker is I still get time away from the kids when I go to work, as much as I love them. Me and my kids are following the preschool workbooks doing tasks daily whilst I try to fit in assignment writing, online lectures and exam practice. So it’s a lot of extra effort.”

What's a line of encouragement/advice that you'd give to fellow student nurses at this time?

“Keep going! Remember why we chose this profession and run with the current changes as much as you can! We are all in this together, and together we will succeed!”