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With long working hours and financial considerations, achieving a nursing qualification is not easy.

There's a lot more than studying involved to become a qualified nurse. A high degree of self discipline is needed to get you through the late night study sessions, the long work placements and the constant juggling act between your studies and your social life.

We spoke to nursing student Natalie Mundy, who is completing her BSc in Adult Nursing at the University of Worcester, to gain some insight into how to manage your time and studies as a nursing student.

Even if you're not studying nursing, these studying tips could come in very handy...

How do you balance working relaxing and studying?

The juggling act is very hard! I find that I’m always on the go. I have to be super organised and put every aspect of my life into a calendar. I will usually relax by going on a family walk through the woods or visiting a castle.

As well as this, once a month my husband and I have a date night or a night away to put us first and just have the chance to chill out. I must admit I need to keep learning to put studying first. Usually I find myself studying when the day is done or when I’m on a night shift.

What are your top studying tips?

Be comfortable, I like to make my living room as comfortable and cosy as possible. I also like to be organised and plan ahead! This is a nursing technique that I like to apply to my revision and studying approach.

How do you take care of your mental and physical health during study?

I like to focus on Mindfulness, grounding techniques and breathing exercises. It helps me to combat any anxiety that I may have, meaning that I can focus on my studies with a clear mind.